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Siegfried Jegard

Born in 1975 in Paris. Lives in Paris.

Siegfried Jegard draws the same way he breathes. His drawings run through the pages as a deaf contamination.
All the way long of an automatic drawing style, characters, hybrid creatures, naive monsters and other images of ourselves combine themselves to their environment and participate to the dream like putting on scene, the fantasy of the instant.

Each shape seems to generate another, infinitely. Lines get tangled, sketching a mythological and intimate world, at the edge of child’s imagination and the disenchantment of teen age. Guided by his intuition and his sensibility, the line scatters his organic constructions and creatures in a candid progression.

In his last solo show, « Far away eyes », the artist stands back with his practice of automatic drawing. Operating a selection in protean universe, he distils a clearer framework where his imagination easily gets something to focus on. He takes control on a viral and free drawing in order to lead it to more frontal and asserted visions



So chic, may 2007
Paris art, june 2007
Artension, july 2007
Les culturelles, july 2007