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Gilles Elie Cohen

“I don’t know why, the gangs got into a violent fight, one evening, in the Montmartre neighbourhood. We began to lose touch. There were fewer and fewer meetings. People would fall silent as I arrived. The scenes of violence became more frequent. About 20 years later I was directing a film about people bumping into each other out of the blue. Many had died of violent death. I had the feeling the film tried to display this tragedy. A world champion in Thaï-Boxing, one of the best French actors, a few dealers, a wealthy shop-owner, a few of them were fathers. Destinies lost in the suburbs. A fugitive on an island in the Antilles. Others ran away from me. Others again held on tight to broken dreams. And me… I wasn’t much better off. This film remained. I had wanted it to be immortal. A brutal and eternal riot. The next wave had already been born. The fury, the rage, the violence already showed their faces behind Elvis’s guffaw.”

Gilles Elie Cohen, Amsterdam 2014

"Rock contre la montre", a Film by Gilles Elie Cohen, 60’, Arte, 2000




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